Meet the Owner

Kari Schiefelbein

The best way to describe me is a small-town girl trying to make it in the big city. I was born and raised a farmer’s daughter in Kimball, MN, native and currently live in “the big city” of Fargo, ND. My video interest dates back to when the iPod touch first came out with the built-in camera. In those days, I made videos for fun with my siblings and cousins. Videomaking was one of my favorite pastimes, but I always considered it a hobby. I had no idea I could turn this passion into a career and my own business.

Professional Video Experience

I currently work full-time on the campus of NDSU at Northern Crops Institute doing all things video from filming/editing/directing/producing. This is where I really took off in expanding the video emphasis in my career. I complete over 100 videos per year to promote the crops of the northern region.

In early 2022, I began shooting weddings for Complete Weddings + Events Fargo. I needed to practice up and learn wedding cinematography for a family wedding I was to film later that year. That first year, I logged 12 weddings-worth of shooting for my portfolio. All that practice led me to successfully produce my first wedding video both shot and edited myself.

Creation of Karied Away Video

Karied Away Video, LLC was formed as a New Years Resolution in 2023 to own my own business. The more weddings I filmed, the more I realized I loved it so much that I could make a career out of it. With practice, the better I got, and more the idea had been growing in my head that I could do this on my own.

The final sign I needed to convince me to start my business was the unexpected passing of my grandpa, Big Frank, in late 2022. I grew up on the farm legacy that he built from nothing but a dream and stubbornness. I was asked by family if I would create a memorial video from his funeral, and I agreed. Big Frank deserved the best, and video was my “best” that I could give him. If I could get myself through a very personal funeral video, I knew I could start up a business. Just like Big Frank, if anyone tells me I can’t, I’ll tell them ‘I will.’

As Seen on The Knot

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