Hi, Kari Schiefelbein here. One could say I got a little “karied away” with my video-making hobby, and now I own a small business. Karied Away Video, LLC was established in 2023 on a whim of a New Year’s Resolution.  If you’re looking to support a growing small business and want your big day captured with extensive attention to detail, book with Karied Away Video.

So how do you know if Karied Away Video fits your style? Every wedding video is unique, but there’s one common factor in all of my films: storytelling. Whether I’m in pre-production, shooting, or editing, I’m thinking to myself, “how can I best tell this particular story?” When you watch your video, what memories does it spark? When your family and friends watch your video, what unique details stand out? When your future kids watch your video, how do they see their Mom and Dad’s love portrayed?



Read on for the 3 quotes that best describe the foundation and values of Karied Away Video.

This is my go-to motto for all things creative. I have always been a creator. Video is my favorite medium because of the challenge of the extreme attention to detail it requires.

To capture the perfect shots on video, there are so many moving pieces: framing, angle, lighting, background, and the execution of the camera settings. Then all the shots come to post, and it becomes a puzzle of fitting everything into a storyline with pacing, music and natural sound, transitions, and coloring to match the mood.

Want me to create the best wedding video ever released? Then tell me I can’t. This quote represents the entrepreneurial mindset I set out on this journey with.

I am committed to building this business, so I am willing to push through the ups and downs to help me reach my goals. Let this be my personal guarantee to put forth my best effort for every couple. I will find a way to make every wedding video as unique as the wedding day itself.

Like Jack, I too love weddings. I come from a large family, so I have been a regular wedding attendee as long as I can remember. There’s no better party than a wedding reception.

I love to dancing, family, and living in the moment. This makes the wedding atmosphere the perfect fit for me. I love weddings, and I love video: it’s the perfect combination.

If I still haven’t convinced you to hire me, do it for my passion to the wedding film industry.

Thank you for choosing Karied Away Video
Kari Schiefelbein